New Drop: Saints Gold Diamond Classic Angel Pendant

New Drop: Saints Gold Diamond Classic Angel Pendant


Our Saints Gold Diamond Classic Angel Piece is handmade by our local designers and it is not mass produced. So you already know each piece gets that TLC. The design is based around a flattened structure with a super detailed diamond-studded wing design. The angel features praying hands holding a diamond and a wind blown effect on the skirt. Attached is a hinged bale allowing it to flow naturally while simultaneously staying put as you're moving around doing your thing.


Standing at about 1.5 inches tall, this piece was designed to be around 8 grams which is a comfortable weight range for daily wear. It deviates from other angel pendants on the market due to its extremely detailed design. The high polish and 0.5 CTW diamonds on it give it that regal look that shines nice and bright especially paired with a chain.




It’s important to remember to check the end caps of your chain to make sure it will clear the bale on the pendant. The website can better guide you on what chains will fit through the bale on the piece. The chain you pick is ultimately up to you and your style. You can customize your angel by color.

Let us know in the comments how you would customize your angel piece and what chain you would pair with it?

Total Piece Length: 1.5"     Diamond Weight: 0.50 CTW   Diamond Quality: VS Colorless 

You can view the Classic Diamond Angel Piece → HERE

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