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Difference Between Curb Link and Cuban Link?

Posted by Clara Agopyan on


A very common question we get is: What’s the difference between a Curb link and a Cuban link? This is one of our favorite questions. Although they look very similar, Curb links and Cuban links have many differences when it comes to their aesthetics, weight, and price.

Aesthetically, curb chains have a softer appearance as the links aren’t bound as tightly together. They are typically a lot shinier than Cubans due to their unique, diamond cut. The looser links result in a lighter weight and more flexibility. Curbs are a great alternative for a Cuban chain for those on a budget. On average, curbs weigh about 50% less than a Cuban of the same gauge.

Cuban chains are made of a completely different composition. They have thicker, tighter links with less space between them making the chain more rigid. Due to the compacted spacing of the links, they are generally heavier than Curbs. The more popular of the two would have to be the cuban chain. Its timeless design has remained a jewelry staple through the years.

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