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This is a question that we receive a lot. For many years it was the Milano made in Italy, which is a chain that’s been around for decades. Like most other things in fashion, the Milano (Italy) has always been going in and out of style.

When we first came across the Peruvian version, we realized the differing characteristics from the Italian version such as the differences in shine, stiffness, and overall physical appearance. In our opinion, they’re both great chains in their own unique ways. Personally, we wouldn’t even classify them as the same chain because their texture feels different.

The Peruvian Milano is very soft and resembles a Peruvian rope chain, which is very flexible and collapses almost like sand whereas the Milano Italian is very stiff, rigid and it has that old-school classic look. Most people are attracted to the Italian Milano because of its nostalgic, family heirloom, element. The new Peruvian Milano has diamond cuts that are very much popular among consumers. They make the best ropes so the Peruvian Milano chain is right up there with their rope chain due to its shine and flexibility.

The Italian Milano is not as great for putting a pendant on it because the weight from the pendant makes a triangular point on the chain when it’s worn, as opposed to the Franco that sits rounded. The Peruvian Milano does have a more modern pop and main stream appeal to it, making it an easy transition chain that is perfect for layering.