What is the difference between the Diamond Cut Franco and the Plain Franco? (Video)

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So is there a difference between Plain Franco and Diamond Cut Franco Chains?



Yes, there’s a big difference between the Plain Franco Chains and the Diamond Cut Franco Chains. Aesthetics are the biggest differentiating factor for customers picking one over the other. For starters, the Franco is a series of extremely tight and box-like links. These links are machine made in Italy and actually have two faces. One side has continuous V-shapes and the other side is more boxy. Depending on which angle you look from, the Franco can look like two different chains. Francos have two measurements. The v-shaped side is usually narrower than the boxy side which is wider. The final measurement of the Franco is determined by the widest angle. The Diamond Cut Franco has a more rounded appearance whereas the Plain Franco is more box-like and sleek. The Plain Franco chain does not have any fancy cuts but the Diamond Cut Franco is multifaceted with a series of cuts which gives it its shine.


difference between diamond cut and plain franco

The plain-cut Franco chain



The Franco chain has been around for several decades and is incredibly popular due to its simplicity and durability. The Franco is also widely liked due to its ability to not pull out hair. The Plain Franco is for those that want a more simple, classic look.


difference between diamond cut  franco


The Diamond Cut Franco was within our top two best selling chains of 2021 and it's widely desired due to its ability to reflect light and shine beautifully while remaining classic. When torn between the two, the diamond cut always seems to be the winner because although they are at similar price points, the shine seems to be the selling point. These days Francos are widely available and have flooded the market, however not all quality is the same and not all Francos come from the same place. Saints Gold chains stand out because of the quality of the chains. When it comes to quality, what you see is what you get.

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