3 Tips for choosing the right bracelet (Video)

how to measure your wrist when shopping for a bracelet what size bracelet do i buy

When shopping online for a bracelet, picking a size can get confusing. Do you want it to have the perfect fit where it’s not too loose and not too tight? It all comes down to a very simple formula that we’ve put together for you as a guide to use during your bracelet shopping experience. This formula works for all wrists!


The first thing you’re going to want to do is measure your wrist size. You can either use a measuring tape, a shoelace, an iPhone cord, or anything else that would wrap around your wrist tightly. If you are using anything other than a measuring tape, wrap it around your wrist tightly and then put it against a ruler to get the exact length of your wrist in inches. If you are using a measuring tape you won’t need to use the ruler.


Once you have the measurement of your wrist, all you need to do is add a half an inch to the measurement and you will have the perfect length for your bracelet. That gives a quarter inch give on either side of your wrist which is enough room for it to be the “ perfect bracelet fit ”.

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Wow! this is so informative! thanks for this!

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