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What is the Difference Between Flat Curb and Cuban Chains?

Posted by Chris B on

What is the difference between curb and cuban chains?
A request that we receive a lot is to compare the difference between a Cuban chain and Flat Curb chain. These chains are two completely different types of designs and are not to be confused. So without further ado let’s dive into the differences.
         Our Flat Curb chain is made in Italy and is immediately recognizable by it’s flat, diamond cut, link style. The diamond cuts on the curb chain are what make the chain incredibly popular because the flat links behave as a mirror and reflect lots of light. The added diamond cuts manipulate light and contribute to its shininess. For shoppers who are looking to get a link chain, we encourage them to look into a Flat Curb chain which have been popular for their open and flexible link style. The openness of the links remove substantial weight from the chain allowing you to go bigger without having to pay for the additional gold weight. Our Flat Curb chain is handmade in Italy, finished with a lobster clasp and 'Italy' stamp.
         Cuban chains are one of our best selling chains and are a timeless piece owned and cherished by many people. Its classic design never goes out of style. The Cuban chain is a heavy duty link chain machine made in Italy. The links are high polished and because of the substantial weight of the Cuban chain, it stays put and doesn’t swing around too much when worn. The links of a Miami Cuban are tightly linked together giving the chain a seamless, sleek look. Because of the thick composition of the links of the Cuban chain, it is very highly requested that we ice out the Cuban or in other words put diamonds on all the links. Putting diamonds on a Flat Curb chain however is impossible because there is not enough metal on the link itself to be able to set a stone. Cuban gauges 4mm and smaller come with a lobster clasp and gauges 5mm and higher come with a box lock.

         When you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the Flat Curb would be the best option due to its flattened out link style being 50%-60% lighter in gold weight than a Cuban of the same gauge. This is why when shoppers are confused with which chain to go with, the Flat Curb immediately becomes the first choice in buying a link chain because by sacrificing some additional weight, they can purchase a wider link. In the end, it all comes down to either budgeting or aesthetic preferences. Some shoppers tend to like the openness of the Flat Curb and the shiny links and others may prefer the sheen look of the Cuban that might not be as immediately attention grabbing but definitely has a strong presence.

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  • They’re both pretty!!!

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