What is the Saint Franco Chain? (Video)

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The Saint Franco has quickly become the most desired chain taking the internet by storm.

It's no surprise that the Saint Francos out of this world shine would get the attention from people all over the world. With regular Francos being so popular for years, it was time for us to step it up and bring something new to the game. Machine made in Italy, the Saint Franco chain has a never before seen cut-style known as the prism cut. This insane cut style resembles a series of abstract prism-like, cross hatched cuts. These cuts create an extremely shiny effect all along the chain which makes the Saint Franco the next level up for Diamond Cut Franco lovers.


But what makes the Saint Franco different from any other Franco? Beside the prism cuts is the two tone design element. You can not get a Saint Franco that is not two tone. It would not have the same effect that you see. The intense contrast between the base (which comes in solid yellow and rose gold), and the rhodium plating is why the Saint Franco possesses the magical appearance that it does.

The Saint Franco is a chain that is perfect for any occasion. You may wear it to a wedding or even to a nightclub. It is elegant just as much as it is fun. For those of you worried about the rhodium plating coming off the chain, we have great news. It won't! Your Saint Franco will stay and look beautiful no matter what you do and where you go. The Saint Franco has the same durability of a regular Franco at a similar price point. Think of it as a tennis chain on a budget. Personally, we like it more than a tennis chain. It hits just as hard minus the headache of having a diamond pop out.


A recent review of the Saint Franco was done by the big time youtube star Cuba Know where he speaks on the chain publicly for the first time. 

❝Might be one of the shiniest cuts on a chain that I've seen.❞

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In response to Johnnie, This is how we receive these chains. We have explored with gold plating a saint franco chain to see visually how it would look in one solid color. If thats the case, you are better off getting a diamond cut franco. The prism cut chain only looks iced out because of the two tone.

Saints Gold Staff December 2023

In response to Zuriel, The chain is a solid gold chain the rhodium is plated on the facets using a machine thats why it has such an even distribution.

Saints Gold Staff December 2023

Is the Rhodium coated on top of the gold? Or Is the chain initially a solid gold chain and then parts coated with Rhodium ??

zuriel November 2023

I LOVE the chain but I’d prefer it in solid yellow gold! Any chance of making these?

Johnnie November 2023

Hey Anthony,
That is a great question. It will always have that rhodium effect. They have been tested before their release for several years. If anything they get better with time.

Saints Gold Team January 2022

How does the Rhodium not come off? I’ve been reading on that type of plating and everywhere I read says that it only last maybe a year or two with some sources saying even less than that. I really like that look but wanted to understand that question first. Is there a warranty on the coating?

Anthony January 2022

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